Three Reasons to Learn to Paint Online

  If you’ve always wanted to paint but don’t have the time or money to spend on a traditional art school, you can learn how to paint online! This can be a fun way to improve your skills, while also being more affordable than attending a traditional art school. Unlike conventional painting, online painting will … Read more

The History of the Fine Arts

  The history of the Fine Arts is as varied as its practitioners. From the ancient Yoruba to the Renaissance, and even modern art, the field of art has a long history. In fact, some branches of art are considered fine art while others are considered applied art or decorative arts. The purpose of each … Read more

How to Highlight Your Artwork

  Artwork is a graphical representation of an image. There are several factors that make an artwork attractive, including subject matter, organization, visual elements, and style. This article will discuss these factors. Art is a form of expression for both individuals and institutions, and there is a variety of ways in which you can showcase … Read more

Modern Art Lesson 5: Orphism, Fauvism, and Postmodernism

  There are several strands of modern art. While it is difficult to isolate each movement, we can study individual works and artists in their broader contexts. In this article, we’ll examine Fauvism, Impressionism, and Abstract expressionism. All movements were important to the evolution of the arts, but they’re not the same. Listed below are … Read more

Watercolor Painting Tips – Scratch-Out Techniques

  Using scratch-out technique to insert details into finished paintings can create unique results. In this technique, you can carve out the contours of branches or a treetop structure by using scalpels or razors. But be careful as scratching can damage the painting if you apply too much pressure. Moreover, scratching is done only after … Read more

Art Supplies You’ll Need For Your Creations

  Art supplies are necessary for any creative endeavor. Whether you want to express yourself through drawing, painting, or even modeling, you’ll need a selection of supplies to make your creations stand out. While you can buy art supplies in many local stores, you can also find them online. Listed below are some of the … Read more